Boogie Label, Heavier Blues Theories

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Simplified and Paxomanized.

Class for study some more advanced scales and doublestops, backcykling whit Dom9ths and bluessevenths.)

"Boogie Label, Heavier Blues Theories"

Welcome, you hound of Blues !!!

In this short tune I demo advanced blues theories and scales easy listening 12 bar Boogie, house of Em7, in
swinging fourths at 145 bmp. Starting whit rythmguitar and showing som Lockwoodplayin in Broken Chords
and some cool chords that end whit a backcykling uses Dom9 chords and bluessevenths ending whit a
Minor7 chord a half step down on B, to the p5 (perfect 5).

A simple Boogie whit backcykling in the turnaround while the leadguitar play the octaves. Starting whit a lick in
the ordinary Bluesscale then sidesteppin (outside) Ess arpeggio wich solves into an harmonic E dom.arpeggio.
That starts the next 12 bars. Continues whit some playin in the B Dimscale for the upcoming phrase and ends it
whit a lick in B Wholetonescale. Combinating an Major Bluesscale in A whit the Lydian Dominant scale
(Overtonescale). The next sucession goes in E Super Locrian and makes an enclousere whit some doublestops.
Then back to the rythmmelody, the head of this Blues.

The sound of the lonely track presenting the chords of the head.

The Boogie, the rythmguitar, goes on for one more round while the leadguitar demonstrate the Dim chord moving
upwards in minor triads. The coming turnaround finish this blues off. Advanced Bluestheory presented by me 4 U
- this theory will also work for U in jazz and jazzblues too.

Simplified and Paxomanized.

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